Vertex Paintable Ice Material

Demo of painting process in the same area as the last shot. Off screen is the "modes" tab in Unreal where the artist is making vertex color selections to switch materials that are being painted.

For the Valley of the Kings map in Breach, I created a vertex paintable material for the ice area "breach" between worlds.

I took tech I had already created earlier in the project (vertex painting and height blending in particular) and built a new material that would allow the artist to paint different types of ice, snow, and an emissive layer. We used the emissive layer to convey light passing through the ice along with individual subsurface scattering settings for each layer.

My responsibility in this scene was a combination of building and implementing the material, as well as doing a portion of the vertex painting throughout these rooms. Jarrod Hollar was responsible for the meshes, textures, and remainder of the vertex painting work. You can see his work here.

March 15, 2019